There is no shortcut when it comes to building your credit. Since it takes time, it is important to begin building your credit before you really need it. Contact us to learn how to get started.

Building Credit is not just Credit Cards

Credit cards are definitely useful in building credit. But it isn’t the only option you have. You can build your credit with or without a credit card.

Having little or no credit history can be tricky as you won’t be easily approved for applying loans. But there are smaller institutions such as credit unions and community banks offering credit-builder loans to help you build savings and credit at the same time.It does not require good credit for approval and they only require enough income to make payments.


If you are approved for the loan, the amount you borrow is held in a bank account while you make payments. You will not have access to the money until you have fully repaid the loan. Your loan payments are reported to at least one credit bureau. Having your payments reported helps build your credit as long as you pay on time.


How Credit Builder Loan Works?